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Ford GT: Two Years After the Scoop

A Facebook “memory” popped up onto my timeline today, reminding me of the story I wrote on July 14, 2014 titled “Ford Exploring Factory GTE Program.”

It reminded me, not only how quickly the factory Ford GT program has come together and succeeded on the track, but perhaps how much of a heavily guarded secret it was just 24 months ago, and how I managed to get a sniff of what was to come.

I’m not the kind of person who likes to brag or say, ‘I told you so’ but this is one of the few examples I’m most proud of in my journalism career, in having uncovered one of the biggest modern-day factory GT programs, well ahead of the official announcement.

It came nearly a year before the program’s unveil and six months prior to Ford even taking the wraps off its new Ford GT production car, which took the majority of the automotive industry by surprise at the time.

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